Indian Startup Eco-system | World’s Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem

Indian Startup Eco-system | World’s Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem | One of largest startup eco-systems | Boost to entreprenuership | Make in India | 3rd largest start-up hub in the world

World’s Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem – The ongoing initiative of Startup India was launched by the Government of India on 16th January 2016. Although, The startup ecosystem has evolved dynamically. Also, Startup India is booming fast and sees huge growth in the coming years with lots of technology and great innovation. As we know, the Indian startup ecosystem has scaled to become the 3rd largest hub in the World.

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However, With this much level of growth and the efforts of young entreprenuers the Startup Indai will touch great heights in upcoming years.  It’s just a revolution. And in India, it’s will change the way the markets are working today. There are great opportunities in Indian startup ecosystem by 2020 and huge growth for entrepreneurs, founders, consultants and business coach. Startups may be small companies but they can play a significant role in economic growth. As, They create more jobs which means more employment, and more employment means an improved economy.

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Services offered by Startup India

Startup India is one of the greatest means of providing bundle of opportunities provided by the government of India. The main aim of starting these startups is to make a strong and wide ecosystem. World’s Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem That is favourable for the growth of startup industries, to initiative economic growth and produce as many employment opportunities as they can.


Startup India is providing so much opportunities and services to all the people out there. Some are as follows:

  1. Startup India portal introduces to connect with networking in a single window platform.
  2. It is a interacting platform for entrepreneurs who can connect to number of people. for example- investors, entreprenuers, business, mentors etc.
  3. Under this scheme, the Central Government shall bear the entire fees of the facilitators for any number of patents, trademarks or designs that a Startup may file.
  4. Moreover, Startups shall be provided an 80% rebate in filing of patents vis-a-vis other companies.
  5.  Although, In order to provide funding support to Startups, Government will set up a fund with an initial corpus of INR 2,500 crore and a total corpus of INR 10,000 crore over past 4 years.
  6.  The profits of Startup initiatives are exempted from income-tax for a period of 3 years. 
  7.  To booster the Startup ecosystem in India, the Government is also proposing to introduce Startup fests at national and international stages.
  8. Venture capital funding is the also provided as monetary assistance to the start-up ventures or the small companies. So to qualifying their projects and helps to encounter the shortage in the capital requirement for project enactment.

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