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Scope in Political Science

Political Science is a branch of social science which teaches a student about the state, global politics and government. Not only in India, but this course is one of the most opted courses around the globe as well. Political Science deals with the working of the state, government, various agencies, and how one can use the theoretical knowledge about one’s country in the real or practical world for the betterment of the same. The study of political science will enhance more than just your knowledge, but will also boost your critical thinking skills, reasoning ability, research aptitude, and analytical capabilities.

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B.A Political Science– The undergraduate B.A Political Science degree is a 3-year course that studies the theory and application related to the politics, political systems, and the government. It is the course that deals with the study of the state. You will get a chance to study the social, economic and political life of people in the nation and at a global level, learning about political values, processes, policies, and institutions. This degree aims to train students in all forms and manifestations of politics in arenas from local, state, national and international levels. you will learn about political systems at national and international levels, famous political thinkers and the Indian constitution.

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The people who are politically active and holding a position within a government through elections are called Politicians.

Eligibility criteria

There are several universities, colleges and institutes in India that offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in political science. However, before applying for admission in the top universities in the nation, candidates need to meet the basic eligibility criteria which is generally set by the university offering the programme. The basic requirement to enroll in this course that a student should have done their class XII from a recognised board and should have secured a minimum of 60%. 

Why to choose political science as your career?

  1. B.A. (Hons.) Political Science focus on the lived political experiences in the real world in addition to the conventional areas of study such as state, government, institutions, electoral politics and legislative processes.
  2. To develop an in-depth understanding of role of leadership, political communication and social media, public opinion, race, gender, caste, religion and other forms of identity politics in India and around the world.
  3. To acquire deep knowledge of politics of different regions of the world, political economy, regional organisations, war and peace, diplomacy and foreign policy studies.
  4. To develop the ability to think, work, study and conduct research independently.
  5. To develop a wide range of intellectual, practical and language skills which will enable programme graduates to consider a wide range of post-graduation employment options.


Courses available

Degree in political science is available at graduate level, master’s level and doctorate levels.

Bachelor’s Courses:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A ) in Political Science
  2. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Political Science
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Political Science
  4. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Politics

Master’s Courses

The duration of the Master courses is two years:

  1. Master of Arts (M.A) in Political Science
  2. Master of Science (M.Sc) in Politics Research
  3. Master of Arts (M.A) in International Relations and Political Science
  4. Master of Arts (M.A) in Political Science and Public Administration

Doctoral degree (Ph.D)

  1. M.Phill in Political Science
  2. M.Phill in Politics
  3. M.Phill in International Politics
  4. Ph.D in International Politics
  5. Ph.D in Political Science
  6. Ph.D in Politics

Career scope in B.A Political Science

There are two paths to start a political career in Indian Democracy. First, you can join the established party or by joining new party & working independently. You can work in an office, manage campaigns, or work in a policy environment. You can also work as an intern for a government agency, an elected official, a non-profit group or a political action committee.  Most political internships are unpaid, but they are very useful in getting the experience you need. Beyond working on a campaign, there are many different jobs in politics, such as working on legislation, political strategists, media relations & public relations positions, pollsters & political consultant’s campaign managers & consultants, etc.

Jobs available

  1. CIVIL SERVICES– A career in civil services such as the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IFS (Indian Foreign Services) is one of the most popular choices for those studying political science. The role basically involves helping the nation run smoothly, influencing the decision making process and representing India. As many questions from the preliminary and main civil services exams are based on polity, studying political science will give you an edge in the exams.
  2. LAW- Graduating in political science will have improved your analytical and critical thinking skills which will help you in the field of law. Although there is a graduate level 5-year LLB course to enter the field of law, you can still enter the field after completing BA (H) Political Science by pursuing a 3-year LLB course and passing the All India Bar examination conducted by the Bar Council of India.
  3. JOURNALISM- A career in Journalism and Media is also a viable option for graduates in Political Science. More than 50% of news covered in media and newspapers is political in nature thus giving an edge to BA Political Science degree holders for roles such as Political Journalist or Political Correspondents.
  4. UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATIONS- International Organizations like UNO, often hire political scientists across the world. A BA in Political Science degree holder can apply for internship and other positions at various organizations of the United Nations. However, a higher degree in Political Science is required for the top notch posts at the United Nations Organization.
  5. POLITICAL SCIENTIST– Another application of the field of political science, the role of a political scientist involves the study of various aspects of governmental systems, how cities/countries operate and interact, and the impact of governmental policies. Apart from examining the present situations, political scientists also make recommendations for steps that can be implemented. To become a political scientist, you would need an MA Political Science degree or PhD.

Top institutes

  1. Lady Shri Ram College For Women (LSR), New Delhi
  2. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  3. Christ University, Bangalore
  4. Miranda House, New Delhi
  5. Hindu College, New Delhi

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