Career options in IT and Computer Science Sector | Wide Scope in IT Sector

Career options in IT and Computer Science Sector | Wide Scope in IT Sector | Job opportunities in IT Sector | Courses to do in IT Sector

Wide Scope in IT Sector

IT- SECTORThe Information Technology  sector is a field which is undergoing rapid evolution and is changing the shape of Indian business standards. This sector includes software development, consultancies, software management, online services and business process outsourcing (BPO). IT industry is expected to grow at a rate of 12 – 14%. The IT industry is heavily influenced by factors like the global market and sustenance of its rate of growth. One of the biggest benefits that the computer and IT industry provides in India is the employment it can generate. Other benefits are export and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

The IT industry is one which is not limited to software development alone. Technology can be applied in libraries, hospitals, banks, shops, prisons, hotels, airports, train stations and many other places through database management systems, or through custom-made software as seen fit. Information technology has entered and benefited all sectors of industry. IT professionals design, support, and maintain computer hardware and software for various industrial and individual applications and are much sought after for their expertise and experience.

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Hiring managers of companies in India look for a bachelor’s degree either in information technology or in computer science, which are the two basic qualifications for an IT job .”

Information Technology Courses


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These degrees (BE or B.Tech.) differ slightly in their features: while the degree course in IT focuses on the communication and business areas of computing, the computer science course may involve more of the scientific aspects of computing. Other bachelor’s degrees that are widely accepted by hiring companies include Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Engineering.

Those interested in an IT career need to particularly focus on mathematics, physics, and chemistry after their class 10. After class 12, they would require to take national-level or state-level entrance exams for admission to IT courses in colleges or universities. Along with a formal degree or diploma, you will need such individual attributes as a willingness to learn, an ability to work hard, an analytical mind, good and communication skills.

Eligibility criteria

 There are various options to foray into the IT sector as there is no specific career path that you need to follow. Bachelors’ degree is essential to grab a good job as soon as you graduate. Apart from this there are some basic qualities that can be developed over the time such as problem-solving qualities, strong logical skills, mathematics, etc.

  1. Bachelors’ degree i.e. either BCA or B.Tech in CSE or IT.
  2. Training or Certificate courses in the fields of your interest add to your CV’s advantage.
  3. Although masters’ degree is not a compulsion but certainly adds an edge to your qualifications preferably MCA and M.Tech or ME in the same field.
  4. Candidates having two or more years of experience in the same field have better scope in getting good wages.


Skills required

  1. Candidates must be tech-savvy.
  2. Candidate must be flexible in adopting new technologies and ways of working.
  3. Candidate have creativity, accuracy.
  4. Candidate must have ability to focus are also essential qualities that the students must have.
  5. Candidates must possess good communication skills and ability to work in a stressful environment.

Job opportunities

With Information Technology on an eliciting curve in India, there are various openings now that IT has also been further categorized into various fields. Networking, multi-media and the Internet/WWW are some of the job categories that have various job opportunities for students who wish to foray into IT industry. Information Technology is one of the most job generating sectors in India and abroad at the moment. An IT professional is needed in every aspect of setting up and running an organization, from operations, logistics and finance, to administration, HR and security, IT is the bedrock of every operation today.

Here are many career options for BTech in Information Technology degree holders. IT Specialists are required in almost all sectors such as technology, finance, e-commerce, medicine, defense, and other areas. Some are as follows :

  1. Software developer– Software developers implement software solutions by building programs, applications and websites. They write and test code, often using development tools. The work can involve talking to clients and colleagues to assess and define what solution of system is needed, which means there is a lot of interaction as well as technical work.
  2. Systems analyst– Systems analysts examine existing IT systems and write requirement for new ones. They analyse how well software, hardware and the wider IT system fir the business needs of their employer or of a client and write requirements for new systems. They may also help implement them, train users and monitor their effectiveness. Travel is a key feature of the job as the majority of work is undertaken at clients’ premises. To get a job as a systems analyst you usually need a degree in a technical or IT subject.
  3. IT support analyst- IT support analysts provide technical set-up, support and advice to IT users via email, phone, social media and in person. They either provide support within a particular organisation or to external businesses, customers of a particular product or on an ad hoc basis. For example, there is a growing market for on-demand services for home and office tech repair, set-up and troubleshooting. While open to graduates of any discipline, technical support employers typically prefer graduates with an IT-related degree.
  4. Network engineer– Network engineering is one of the more technically demanding IT jobs. Broadly speaking the role involves setting up, administering, maintaining and upgrading communication systems, local area networks and wide area networks for an organisation. Network engineers are also responsible for security, data storage and disaster recovery strategies. 
  5.  Technical sales representative- Technical sales may be one of the least hands-on technical roles, but it still requires an understanding of how IT is used in business. You may sell hardware, or extol the business benefits of whole systems or services. Day to day, the job could involve phone calls, meetings, conferences and drafting proposals. There will be targets to meet and commission when you reach them. A technology degree isn’t necessarily essential, but you will need to have a thorough technical understanding of the product you sell.

Top institutes to pursue

  1. Amity University Lucknow
  2. Loyola College, Chennai
  3. Vardhman Mahaveer Open University, Kota
  4. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi
  5. Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
  6. National Institute of Technology, Raipur

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