When can sports resume in India? IPL-2020 |Football

When can sports resume in India? IPL-2020 |Football | Badminton

When can sports resume in India? One of the country restart the sports from 16 may rarely, in this time when all over the world people are effected by the pandemic COVID-19. Then here one of the biggest Question arises in the mind of sports lovers of India too that. From when can sports resume in India. To get the answer of such question our team go through the interview that given by great sports personality of India of different sports background and now we will discuss their conclusion in brief.

Vimal Kumar , Badminton : According to Mr. Vimal sports are hardly to resume in India before September, although athlete and other sports personality can do their practices. Although Sports person are too much health conscious so they cannot be try to take any kind of risk in their life. On the other hand sports Person try to aware people to be stay at home then how they individually go outside for practice.

Terry Phelan, Football :- According to Mr. Phelan he clearly said that he do not wish to see the football matches along with full of stadium with audience this year. He said that till Doctors and medical experts will not give the green symbol the matches should not resume playing. He said that health comes first.

Vinay Kumar, Cricket :- The case in India is continuous rises that means the resume of sports at this time is a biggest question mark for us. Unless the proper treatment will get discovers there’s too risk for all of us. In cricket there a dangerous risk to spread the virus along with saliva or sweat among the fielder player and umpire. What will happen if any one got effected , its impossible to do screening all the time on regular basis.

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