Fate of twenty-20 world cup uncertain | ICC likely to delay decision on event

Fate of twenty-20 world cup uncertain | ICC likely to delay decision on event

Fate of Twenty-20 World cup uncertain :- This year the 20-20 world cup are scheduled in Australia . But at the present time the ICC board are be able to decide that it should be played in October-November or not. The board adopt the policy of wait and watch the present scenario and then after take the appropriate decision.

The pandemic due to COVID-19 basically disturb all the sports calendar this year, and cricket are exactly a game that cannot be played at this time. So this year twenty-20 world cup are most probable uncertain.

Announcement of ICC

The board are not come at that situation where they are able to decide that the world cup are canceled this year. On the other hand the preparation are going on in Australia as per planned earlier. The spokesperson of ICC said that there a meeting held between the 18 members of ICC and they think on various matter regarding this game.

The national Rugby league are going to organised in Australia with various restriction regarding the audience and many activities related to this game. The ICC basically wants to delay its decision till the last minute because they work on wait and watch policy. On the other hand the ICC wish to set a new chief in the annual meeting which will be going to held in the upcoming one or two month. The current chairman is not basically wants to impose the decision on the new one.


Now it is the time to watch that is Australia scheduled this world cup or move it towards 2021/2022. India is a host country of upcoming twenty-20 world up. Now what will the board ICC decide that should be updated threw newsalert and team as soon as possible.


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