Career Opportunities as Medical Laboratory
Career Opportunities as Medical Laboratory

Career Opportunities as a Medical Laboratory Technologist . Medical technologists works in areas of the laboratory like Clinical Chemistry (chemical analysis of body fluids), Blood banking, Immunology (study of immune system), Hematology (blood related), and Microbiology (study of bacteria and other disease organisms). Other areas include cytotechnology (study of human tissue), phlebotomy, urinalysis, coagulation, parasitology and serology. Phlebotomists draw and test blood where as Blood bank technologists determine correct blood types for transfusions. Histology technicians cut and stain tissue samples.

A Medical Lab Technologist deals with performing complex tests for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The job of a medical laboratory technician is of extreme value in the healthcare sector. Medical lab techs work in laboratory settings with equipment to record data and then finally conclude a result. 

Course and qualification

Certificate in Medical Lab Technology (CMLT) This is a six-month course for which the qualification is 10th pass. At the same time, 12th pass is required for Diploma in Medical Lab Technology. For BSc in MLT, it is necessary to pass with 12th science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The duration of the course is three years. To enter the MSc in Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT-Medical Laboratory Technician) program, the candidate must first have a high school diploma .

Skill Required:

This profile does not deal with the patients directly in most cases. Qualities required for this profile are ability to conduct research, finish tasks with speed as well as with accuracy, to work under pressure, make analytical judgment, interpreting technical/scientific data, knowledge of laboratory instrumentation, mechanical ability and the ability to use computers. Technologists and technicians should have an eye for detail, be self-sufficient, accurate and self-motivated.

Career Opportunities as a Medical Laboratory ; Key Skills:

  • Methodical in work
  • Adept in handling delicate lab equipment
  • Analytical and precise
  • Interest in medicine, technology and science
  • Ability to use computers
  • Comfortable with learning new technologies
  • Finishing tasks with speed and accuracy

In most of the provinces, no certificate is required for click laboratory technology but in some states it is necessary to have a certificate to work with these techniques. There are better prospects in this field for technicians with certification. You can work with any medical laboratory, hospital, pathologist. They have a lot of demand in the blood bank. As a researcher and consultant, you can open your own clinic.

Income :- Generally, the salary of an MLT (medical laboratory technician) starts from ten thousand while the pathologist gets salary from thirty thousand to forty thousand. Also, their salary increases on the basis of merit and experience. They are also in great demand in the country as well as abroad.

Types of Job Roles Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Lab Technicians in India have a whole variety of employment areas that they can explore to work. Depending upon the specialisations, their job roles and profiles change.  

  • CT Scan Technicians
  • Anaesthesia Technicians
  • MRI Technicians
  • X-Ray Technicians/ X-Ray Technologists
  • Operation Theatre Technicians
  • Pathology Technicians
  • Orthopaedic Technicians/ Plaster Technicians


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