Photography as a career option
Photography as a career option

Photography as a career option. Aside from being talented in photography and other technicalities, wildlife photography as a vocation involves patience and knowledge of animals, their behaviour, and the natural surroundings. Wildlife photographers are always required to travel to regions where wildlife exists in order to take images of creatures in their natural habitat. In fact, because the travels require hiking, canoeing, or kayaking to distant regions (along with hauling the equipment), it becomes more of an adventure.

What does a Wildlife Photographer do?

  • A wildlife photographer takes images of animals in their natural surroundings without harming them. Nature and the photographed must come first for those who photograph the outdoors, with photography coming second. As a result, a career in wildlife photography entails leaving the animals’ habit and space undisturbed.
  • A career as a wildlife photographer requires spreading the word about the importance of wildlife protection to the general public. This is the photographer’s primary and most important goal when it comes to wildlife photography.
  • Wildlife photographers manipulate light and focus to create enhanced versions of the creatures and environments they picture. They also make use of other digital technologies to achieve this goal.
  • As part of the on-the-job training process, aspiring wildlife photographers may work as assistants to more experienced photographers.
  • Many of them operate as wildlife photographers on the side. Several wildlife-related organisations, magazines, and other publications hire and source freelancers.

Wildlife Photographer Education & Training Requirements

  • A successful wildlife photography profession, like any other form of photographic career, begins with a solid education from a photography school. A two- or four-year photography degree should enable aspiring wildlife photographers to master both fundamental and advanced photography methods necessary for a successful career.
  • A biology degree with a photography minor is also a great way to get started in wildlife photography. These specialisations will provide prospective wildlife photographers with in-depth knowledge of animals and animal behaviour, as well as photography skills.

Because the vast majority of wildlife photographers work as freelancers, finding their average wage can be challenging. Some wildlife photographers, for example, may make very little money from their work, while others may have highly lucrative professions. A freelance wildlife photographer’s earnings are mostly decided by his ability to find decent paying work and his talent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep track of wildlife photographers’ earnings. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly wage for all photographers in 2018 was $34,000.

What happens after 12th grade?
You can choose from a number of photography courses after completing your 12th grade from CBSE or any other Board, or even at a later point, to help you improve your skills as a wildlife photographer. The following are some of the courses that have been mentioned.

  • Certificate course in Advanced Photography
  • Certificate course in Basic Photography
  • Certificate course in Commercial Photography
  • Certificate course in Digital Photography
  • Certificate course in Nature and Wildlife Photography
  • Certificate course in Photography
  • Certificate course in Wildlife and Travel Photography
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Professional Photography
  • Post Graduate diploma in Advanced Wildlife Management
  • Certificate course in Wildlife Management

Jobs, Employment

There are various employment opportunities available listed below:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Travel and tourism magazines
  3. Wildlife NGOs
  4. Wildlife channels
  5. Photo stock websites
  6. Publishing houses


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