Kangana comment on Vikrant Massey : calls him a cockroach
Kangana comment on Vikrant Massey : calls him a cockroach

Kangana Ranaut has expressed her best wishes to Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur, who recently married. Kangana comment on Vikrant Massey – Vikrant was dubbed a ‘cockroach’ by Kangana last year when he jokingly referred to his friend, Himachali actor Yami Gautam, as ‘Radhe Maa’ in one of her wedding photos. Kangana Ranaut, a fellow Himachali, was irritated by this and called Vikrant names on Instagram.

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Vikrant, who dubbed Yami ‘Radhe Maa’ because of her all-red bridal appearance, also married Sheetal, a Himachal Pradesh girl, according to an Instagram account. “Pure and pious like Radhe Maa,” Vikrant had commented on Yami’s post. Kangana’s reply, “Kahan se nikla ye cockroach,” was also shown. “Where did this cockroach come from? Bring my shoes,” says the cockroach. “Congratulations @vikrantmassey,” the caption read. I hope no one makes a comparison between your wife and Radhe Maa.”

Kangana saw the post and Kangana comment on Vikrant Massey ig post . “Hmm @vikrantmassey ji, it’s good karma marrying a Himachali girl… I wish you both the best of luck in your marriage.

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“I truly don’t pay heed to all these stuff,” Vikrant later told Bollywood Bubble regarding Kangana’s statements. I make a conscious effort to avoid poison in my life. That’s why I don’t use Twitter very often, and I’ve been vocal about it. That is one of the worst platforms for public conversation that we have. However, I don’t usually pay attention to these things on my own. So, to close, I’ll softly cite Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, one of my favourite writers. You really pray for the ignorant.For the stupid and unaware, the only thing you can do is hope for better judgement and wish them well in life.

“Sheetal and Vikrant tied the knot in her hometown of Shahtalai, Himachal Pradesh, earlier this month. The wedding ceremony took place at her grandmother’s house. Kangana hails from Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

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